Action Photography 

Good Action Photography captures not only the actual image, but helps to convey the movement and experience happening at that moment. Sporting events, car races, horse races, aviation events, and adventure sports all have a story to tell from the athlete to the driver and good action photography conveys those stories and feelings in a single image. A good action photographer will have an excellent camera and is often familiar (heck even better, an aficionado) with the event or sport you want to capture. Talk to your photographer before the event and help them understand what you want to convey with photos. Is your photo story about the place, the people, the experience? Has the photographer shot a similar event? How will the photography position him or herself to best capture the action.

Tips for Action Photography


The intended use of the images, helps determine the quality you will need. Are the images for your personal collection, magazine, website, or editorial use? 


Begin by looking at various photographer's work and see what appeals to you. Do you want higher quality snapshots with natural light or are you looking for a professional stop-motion style? Pick a few to look into further.


Good and cheap don't go together. Hiring a photographer for basic outdoor action shots can be at the lower end of costs. Eye catching, well-lit studio sessions or shoos that involve travel and extreme conditions fall at the other end of the spectrum. Ask questions about the various prices offered and how the photographer can work within your budget. Experienced photographers will shoot a few "hero" shots and the rest less lit, more natural shots. It gives a nice variety without breaking the bank


Know what usage rights are included. This varies depending on the photographer, so make sure it's spelled out for you and that you understand the terms. Ask questions about how long the usage rights are good for and what they include. Don't be afraid to negotiate! Most photographers would rather make less than their initial proposal than lose the sale.