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Advertising Photography 

Advertising photography has played a pivotal role in educating, informing, inspiring and humoring the masses since the creation of film photography. Advertising, whether it is print or video, makes the world go round. With new mediums including online and social outlets, the need has never been greater for advertisers to step up and meet the insatiable appetite of audiences for high quality advertising photos. Top advertising photographers have the ability to depict a certain theme in a way that conveys a message to a huge audience and encourages them to try the product or brand in focus. Advertising photography has wide applications in areas like print ads, display ads and now, the numerous forms of online media. Photographs are a key component of any ad campaign and with the rise of the visual web have become a key component of any web site.

Tips for Advertising Photography


Hair and make up is a must for most advertising photo shoots and, if needed, you can count on your photographer to find the right individuals for the project. Appropriate hair and make up can be the difference between good and amazing.


Getting the shot takes time and creativity. It’s important not to rush the process and restrict the outcome. While it is great to have ideas and inspiration going into a shoot, be open-minded and have fun. It is amazing what comes out of a photo shoot without too many rules or parameters.


Before setting up a shoot, it is important to know how the images will be used. Whether it’s printed materials, packaging, advertising, billboards or magazines - it is important to understand how the images will be used and where.


Choose a dependable photographer who stays up-to-date with education, current trends and technology. Think about their personality and image style before getting started.