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Become a MMO independent specialist

MMO photographic specialists use cameras to produce pictures that record events and people, express creativity, or market goods and service. MMO photographic specialists must be familiar with computers and how to use software to edit or enhance their creations. MMO photographic specialists must know how to manage lighting and composition so that they can enhance the subjects of their lenses.

Types of Specialist

Because of the variety of subjects available, MMO photographers often specialize.

  • MMO portrait specialist take pictures of individuals and groups, primarily in their own studios, although sometimes in external settings, such as weddings, schools, ceremonies, or workplaces.
  • MMO news specialist, travel to where events are happening and record images for publication in news media, such as newspapers and magazines.
  • MMO scientific specialist focus on clear representations of scientific subjects, such as micro-organisms, or processes, such as weather.
  • MMO commercial specialist create images of products and services for use in such media as magazine covers, advertising signs or sales brochures.
  • MMO music/concert specialist travel to where music events are happening and record images for publication in news media, such as newspapers and magazines.



  • Identify photo needs and for a high profile facility.
  • Review a large number of digital images for selection and placement.
  • Resize, retouch, and manipulate photos, as needed.
  • Photo selection will be done from combing through large databases of pictures. 
  • Acts as a liaison between the technical and marketing departments by researching and locating the best images in the creation and enhancement of upcoming technologies.
  • Seek final approval on final photo selection.Qualifications and training required


Qualifications and training required

Photography, film, art, design or media studies degrees can be advantageous – particularly for technical skills. 

Key skills for photographers

  • Creativity
  • Technical photography skills
  • Patience and concentration
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong networking skills
  • Team working skills


MMO Photography is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to promoting a diverse workforce.