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Product Photography 

Product photography is crucial to any business that intends to market their goods online or in print. Product photography styles range from the more simple representational shots to the more artfully crafted depictions of the product. Many product photographers shoot in a controlled studio, however depending on the product and the look/feel desired for the photos (particularly for customers who want a more authentic or (often) lower costs option) product photos can often also be shot on location. The types of shots can vary in style from modeled products where an actor models the product to more simple shots of the product captured in a white box or in front of a seamless backdrop. Many product photographers do extensive post on the images to make sure that they are ready to publish.

Tips for Product Photography


What is it that you want photographed and how do you want the finished image to look. These questions will determine the scope and complexity of the job.


Choosing a photographer with a track record of excellent work is often a great choice. An experienced professional will be able to help guide you through the process and help you make the decisions that are right for your particular project. Consider cost and the total package of finished images. The right photographer will try and work within your budget, suggesting ways to accomplish your goals with the budget you have to work with.


Post production is as important as the initial photography. All product images need adjustments and retouching to make them shine. Some concepts require extensive Photoshop work with backgrounds composited in post. Make sure you choose a photographer who offers the ability to finish the job (including post-production) and deliver images that go beyond your expectations.


Does the photographer have a professional studio? Does he listen to your input and concerns? Is he or she easy to work with?